COVID 19 and sustainable tourism

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It seems that everyone involved in the travel sector has been affected by the coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic.

There are an increasing number of interesting studies and articles and think-pieces that have been published on this topic.  Some of these share information on the impacts of our dramatically changed travel patterns on industry and destinations, some include suggestions of proactive approaches, and some provide market insights.

This is an evolving database of these papers, which I hope will provide quick-links to people looking for insights and ideas.  It may also help us in the future, as we try to understand the implications of this massive global challenge.

The resources fall under the following headers:

  1. Ideas to help resilience and recovery
  2. Market research and intelligence
  3. Impacts on tourism and destinations
  4. Virtual tours and ideas to keep us inspired

I will add to this page over time, and please let me know if you have links you think would be useful to add.

Updated: 25 May 2020

1. Ideas to help resilience and recovery

Policy and development responses:

Funding & support:


Resilience & recovery:

Opinions and think pieces:

Hotel, tour and aviation responses:

Top tips & best practices:

Collections of resources:

2. Market research and intelligence

Market updates:

Economy and investment:

Market intelligence:


3. Impacts on tourism & destinations

Impacts during crisis recovery:

Impacts on the tourism economy & employment:

Impacts on the environment and wildlife:

Climate impacts:

Impacts on crowded destinations & overtourism: 

Closures and calls to ‘stay away’:

Booking platforms & sharing economy: 

Accommodation & tours: 

Cruise ships:



4. Virtual tours and ideas to keep us inspired

Virtual tours:



13 thoughts on “COVID 19 and sustainable tourism

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  2. This is absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing.
    I am a PhD student at Auckland University of Technology studying the social-ecological impacts of COVID19 on marine research tourism and remote coastal communities. This website is an excellent source of information. If anyone has any suggestions for a progressive social-ecological exploratory framework to test resilience, please let me know!
    Thank you so much Anna!

  3. great work to join together all the useful articles and papers on tourism post -covid19. and for the updating, there is material for read!!!
    Best regards
    Paolo Motta
    ICTC/ CIVVIH member

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