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Earlier presentations by Dr Anna Spenceley, with weblinks to the powerpoints on Slideshare are shared below.

Conference / Venue Presentations Dates
22nd Conference of the Parties to the Climate Change Convention, Marrakesh, Morocco Situational analysis: sustainable tourism certification in Africa: water and waste practices by hotels 8 November 2016
International Conference on Contemporary Perspectives in Tourism and Hospitality Research: Policy, Practice and Performance, University of Brighton, UK Tourism and the World Parks Congress: Lessons learned, key trends and future directions 12-14 July 2015
HNE Eberswalde, University for Sustainable Development Sustainable tourism in protected areas 24 September 2015
International Workshop on Economic Impacts of Tourism in Protected Areas, Wilhelmshaven, Germany Keynote: Conservation and community support through tourism in protected areas 21-25 September 2015
International Conference on Contemporary Perspectives in Tourism and Hospitality Research: Policy, Practice and Performance, University of Brighton, UK Tourism and the World Parks Congress: Lessons learned, key trends and future directions 12-14 July 2015
BEST-EN Think Tank XV, Kruger National Park, South Africa Keynote: A decade of progress in sustainable tourism in protected areas 17-21 June 2015
RETOSA / JICA Seminar on Sustainable Tourism, Durban, South Africa Global innovation and trends in sustainable protected area tourism: implications for Southern Africa 9 May 2015
IUCN World Parks Congress, Sydney, Australia Facilitator of four tourism sessions, and presentations on the following:

Tourism as a nature-based solution

Tourism in Transfrontier conservation areas: a vehicle for development and sustainable life

Welcome Visitors! Making tourism work for protected areas and sustainable development: Critical success factors

Launch of new publications on tourism, protected areas and concessions.

– Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group (TAPAS Group): Engaging with and inspiring youth

TAPAS Group: Strategy session

TAPAS Group: where we’ve come from & where we’re going to

Tourism Journey @ WPC

12 – 19 November 2014
INKASA Research Symposium, Cape Town Hollow Hotel, South Africa Keynote: Benefit sharing from natural heritage: Examples and Challenges from Africa 14-16 April 2014
International conference on tourism concessions in Transfrontier conservation areas in the Southern African Development Community, GIZ/SADC, Airport Grand Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa Facilitator of international meeting, and presentations given on:

Guidelines on concessioning and sustainable tourism investment in TFCAs in SADC

– Guidelines for working groups: Scoping, Design and Feasibility, Procurement and transaction, Contract management and tools

2-3 September 2013
RETOSA/UNEP 1st regional consultation meeting for developing the 10YFP Program on sustainable tourism, Airport Grand Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa Understanding the challenges to sustainable tourism: recommendations for southern Africa 15 August 2013
Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa, 5th Annual Meeting, Durban, South Africa Impact Analysis Portfolio committee – activities from May 2012 to May 2013 10 May 2013
Global Partnership for sustainable tourism, 3rd Annual Partners Symposium, Bonn, Germany Achieving the Aichi Targets: Concessions and protected areas 25 March 2013
Concessioning tourism opportunities in conservation areas and maximizing rural development, Girasol Indy Village, Maputo, Mozambique Organiser and facilitator of conference. Presentations included:

–  Introduction to meeting, agenda, background to this meeting, concessions 101

–  Review of concessions processes globally/southern Africa/Mozambique

–  Review of concessions contract management processes globally/southern Africa

–  Integrating sustainability: Best practice globally/southern Africa

–  Stakeholders involved in concessions & training needed

–  Concessions manuals available internationally

–  Dissemination, outputs and options for the future

19-22 March 2012
11th AHEAD – GLTFCA working group meeting, Mopane Rest Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa Facilitator of session on sustainable development. Presentation on ‘Sustainable development: How do economic activities in TFCAs affect livelihoods, profit and conservation?’ 2-4 March 2011
WCPA Steering Committee Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland Tourism and protected areas specialist group 4-8 April 2011
Sustainable Tourism Conference, Mombela, South Africa Keynote: Sustainable tourism and protected areas 14 November 2010
World Responsible Tourism Day, World Travel Market, UK What contribution can tourism make to biodiversity conservation? 11 November 2010
Round table on responsible tourism, Arusha, Tanzania Keynote: Responsible tourism 3 June 2010
10th AHEAD – GLTFCA working group meeting, Cosa do Sol, Hazyview, South Africa Keynote: Tourism in Transfrontier Conservation Areas and poverty reduction 24-26 February 2010
Tourism forum, Rwanda Development Board, Tourism and Conservation, Kigali, Rwanda Sustainable tourism certification and awards 28 January 2010
Pan African workshop on tourism and poverty reduction, SNV, Rwanda Development Board, International Trade Centre, Commonwealth Secretariat, Kigali, Rwanda Mapping stakeholders in tourism value chains

Selecting which destinations to work in

25-27 January 2010
Transboundary Protected Areas Research Initiative, Teleseminar, Kigali/Netherlands/South Africa Tourism in transfrontier protected areas and poverty reduction 10 Dec 2009
World Travel Market, World Responsible Tourism Day, London, UK Working with the private sector in East and Southern Africa 11 Nov 2009
School of Finance and Banking, Kigali, Rwanda Tourism research in Rwanda 22 Sept 2009
Tourism forum, Rwanda Development Board, Tourism and Conservation, Kigali, Rwanda 1. What to public private partnerships look like?

2. How is it done elsewhere? PPP policies and processes in Namibia and South Africa

17 Sept 2009
Rwanda Tourism University College, Kigali Sustainable and pro-poor tourism 21 August 2009
Delphe/EPA workshop, Kigali, Rwanda Poverty reduction and tourism: research activities and priorities 7 July 2009
UNWTO Seminar on Ecotourism and Protected Areas in Africa. Avenida Hotel, Maputo, Mozambique 1. Creating the enabling environment for nature conservation and ecotourism development

2. Reducing poverty and providing community benefits through local supply chains

3. Supporting nature conservation through tourism

5 – 7 November 2008
Effective Local Economic Development implementation Symposium, Centurion Lake Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa Developing and promoting pro-poor tourism for economic development 20 August 2008
Tourism Empowerment Council of South Africa, Willow Valley Conference Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa Responsible tourism and transformation in South Africa 23 July 2008
Transboundary Protected Areas Research Initiative, Community Engagement towards best practice in Social research around Kruger National Park International Code of Ethics of the International Society of Enthnobiology 21 July 2008
African Safari Lodges practitioners workshop, The Grace Hotel, Rosebank, South Africa 1. Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa

2. Rocktail Beach Lodge, South Africa

3. Damaraland Camp, Torra Conservancy, Namibia

19-21 May 2008
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa Responsible Tourism in Southern Africa 14 May 2008
Responsible Luxury Summit, CCAfrica, Durban Indaba 2008, South Africa Participation in panel discussion on ‘Can Africa lead Responsible Luxury Travel?’ 10 May 2008
2nd International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations, Kerala, India 1. Practical Initiatives in Responsible Tourism in Destinations: Development of an online directory for community-based tourism enterprises in Southern Africa 21-24 March 2008
International Centre for Responsible Tourism, Balmoral Hotel, Durban, South Africa Responsible tourism in practice 6 Jun 2007
IUCN Southern Africa Sustainable Use Specialist Group, Grootbos Nature Reserve, South Africa Wildlife economics research in Southern Africa 1-4 May 2007
Institut National de Tourisme et d’Hotellerie (INTH), Antananarivo, Madagascar 1. Sustainable tourism in South Africa

2. How should tourism be developed in South Africa and Madagascar ?

16-21 Mar 2007
IUCN Southern African Sustainable Use Specialist Group (SASUSG) AGM, Blyde River Canyon, South Africa Update of information on Community-based Tourism Enterprises in Southern Africa and Marketing support 12-15 June 2006
4th Kruger National Park Science Networking Meeting, South Africa Tourism in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area: Achievements, observations and future work 13-17 Mar 2006
6th AHEAD-GLTFCA Working Group Meeting, Kruger National Park, South Africa Transboundary Protected Areas Research Initiative 9-10 Mar 2006
African Safari Lodges Workshop on Certification, Johannesburg, South Africa Tourism Certification in Africa 28 Feb 2006
Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park Joint Management Board, Kruger National Park Tourism in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area 17-19 Oct 2005
CSIR-Environmentek, Stellenbosch, South Africa Nature-based tourism in southern Africa 26 July 2005
Regional Technical Working Group and Project Steering Committee Meetings of the Coastal Tourism PDF-B Project, Mahé, Seychelles; Mombassa, Kenya; and Banjul, The Gambia Ecotourism, biodiversity conservation and reef management 2-5 May 2005

21-23 Sept 2005

3-5 Oct 2005

TPARI/IUCN Workshop on Tourism in the Great Limpopo TFCA, Wits Rural Facility, South Africa Tourism in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area 14-16 April 2005
Research workshop on ecosystems and tourism, Beijer Institute, Chobe, Botswana Local economic impacts from nature-based tourism 6-8 Jan 2005
World Tourism Organisation Tourism Policy Forum,

Washington D.C., USA

Communities and tourism : Reality in South Africa 18-20 Oct 2004
Transboundary Protected Areas Research Initiative, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa Critique of ‘Safari Lodges and rural incomes : Some key southern African trends’ by Peter-John Massyn 14 Oct 2004
ATLAS Africa Conference, Pretoria, South Africa Holistic sustainability assessments of nature-based tourism in South Africa 29 Sept–1 Oct 04
IUCN Southern Africa Sustainable Use Specialist Group, Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa Stories from Southern Africa

Gaps in conservation economics research

5-7 May 2004
Protected Area Management Masters course, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Tourism and Protected areas: Conservation and poverty alleviation 12 Feb 2004
Vth World Parks Congress, Durban, South Africa 1. Do local benefits from nature-based tourism generate support for protected areas? (Presentation)

2. Measuring sustainability of nature-based tourism in protected areas (Poster)

8-17 Sept 2003
International Conference on Tourism Development in Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Cairo, Egypt Environmental sustainability of nature-based tourism enterprises in protected areas: 4 Case studies from South Africa 26-29 May 2003
University of Natal, Centre for Environment and Development, South Africa Community based tourism and linkages with nature-based tourism enterprises 21 May 2003
Ecotourism and nature parks in East and Southern Africa, Afrika Studie Centrum, Leiden, Netherlands Vilanculos Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary: Power, poverty and tourism 12 Nov 2002
Tecknikon Durban, South Africa Community based tourism and business linkages Oct 2002
Responsible Tourism in Destinations, Cape Town, South Africa Application of the South African environmental guidelines to two nature-based tourism enterprises 22 Aug 2002
Southern African Wildlife College / Texas A&M University, Kruger National Park, South Africa Ngala Private Game Reserve and the Welverdiend Community: conservation and community development 30 July 2002
International Association for the Study of Common Property, 9th Biennial Conference, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Vilanculos Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary: Power, poverty and tourism 17-21 Jun 2002
Development Bank of Southern Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa Responsible tourism at Jackalberry Lodge 6 May 2002
Conference on the National Responsible Tourism Guidelines for South Africa, Pretoria Application of the Responsible Tourism Guidelines to the nature-based tourism operation of Coral Divers, Sodwana Bay, South Africa 12 Mar 2002
Centre for Responsible Tourism, Chatham, UK Research methodologies for a Strategic Environmental Assessment of Tourism at Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe 12 Dec 2001
Wits University Graduate School of Public and Development Management, Johannesburg Policies and Programmes in South Africa to promote growth, job creation and local economic development through tourism 9 Oct 2001
Tourism as a Catalyst for community-based development in Africa, Centre for AfrikaTourism, University of Pretoria, South Africa Comparative Community Benefits from two Lodge-Benefit systems 1-3 Oct 2001
Integrating Biodiversity into the Tourism Sector, Mexico City, Mexico Integration of biodiversity conservation into tourism planning in South Africa 29-31 Mar 2001
Planning, Development and Management of Ecotourism in Africa, World Tourism Organisation, Maputo, Mozambique Comparative Community Benefits from two Lodge-Benefit systems, 5-6 Mar 2001

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