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STAND is a boutique consultancy company specialising in technical advice on sustainable tourism and conservation. STAND offers tailored tourism and conservation services to the tourism sector, development organisations, stand-logonon-governmental organisations, corporates, governments and communities. STAND specialises in meeting the sustainable development needs of its clients.

The objective of STAND is to achieve poverty alleviation by supporting income generating opportunities, developing constructive partnerships and promoting good conservation practices, while addressing the climate emergency.

image016STAND operates under the direction of Dr Anna Spenceley, who is a leading authority in sustainable and responsible tourism with a focus on biodiversity conservation, protected areas and transfrontier conservation areas, COVID-19 and tourism, certification, indicators, concessions and public-private partnerships, triple bottom line assessments (i.e. economic, social and environmental), value and supply chains, small enterprise development and poverty reduction.  With over 20 years experience, she has a reputation for excellence, with the ability to lead and collaborate with multi-disciplinary and multi-language teams, in addition to having the focus and drive to succeed with independent work. She has the ability to work from the macro level, on interventions with government ministries, intergovernmental agencies; with tourism destinations and multinational tourism operations; and also at the micro level with community members and small businesses.

Services include:  Policy and strategy development, planning, project development, research, training, curriculum development, conferences and workshops, capacity building, education and monitoring.

Commitments: STAND is a signatory to the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism and Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency. STAND is a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and signatory to the Future of Tourism.


Mountain Gorilla, Rwanda

Gorilla Friendly Tourism training

Development of delivery and reporting on a series of training modules, on Certified Gorilla FriendlyTM, visitor management and nature interpretation, with associated oral/active and written examinations, in English, French, and Kinyarawanda.

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Serengeti National Park, World Heritage Site, Tanzania

Assessment of COVID-19 challenges & opportunities for World Heritage Sites

An online survey among World Heritage properties, and report compiled, on the implications of COVID-19 for tourism at natural World Heritage Sites. Conducted in conjunction with ICOMOS, with the formulation of a UNESCO concept note.

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STAND is a Limited company registered in the UK.

Contact: anna spenceley (at) gmail (dot) com, and see her profile here




Tourism planning, Madagascar

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