Extension of EU COVID-19 and protected area tourism survey: North, West and Central Africa

The EU study to understand the impact of COVID-19 on wildlife tourism in protected areas, financed by the EU project on “Wildlife economy: sustainable tourism in protected areas”, is being extended to seek more responses from North, West and Central Africa.

The survey is available in French and English, and includes questions that allow us to compare the period before the crisis with now, and estimates for the foreseeable future. It also asks what type of support might help (relating to the local value chains, and during different phases; conservation; business operations, policy interventions etc.) and on what terms these might work.

Français: Étude COVID-19 – aires protégées et tourisme
Nous demandons également quelle sorte de soutien serait utile (en relation aux chaines de valeurs locales, et durant les différentes phases ; conservation ; opérations commerciales, interventions politiques, etc.) et sous quelles conditions ce soutien pourrait être apporté.  Ce questionnaire devrait prendre 20-25 minutes à compléter. Veuillez compléter ce formulaire d’ici au 30 Juin 2020.

English: EU study on COVID-19 and protected area tourism – extension
If you are a tourism operator offering accommodation, tours, or activities in protected areas (e.g. national parks, reserves, community conservation areas, transfrontier conservation areas etc), please complete this form by 30 June 2020 using this link:


JRC map of responses received in the first phase from Africa


Link here to preliminary results from the first phase in Africa.


Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 10.50.35 AM

4 thoughts on “Extension of EU COVID-19 and protected area tourism survey: North, West and Central Africa

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    • Hi Chris, We haven’t repeated the survey. The extension period was done, and the final report is currently being designed/laid out for publication. Safaribookings.com does a monthly survey though, which is really useful to see the trends.

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