Sustainable Coastal and Marine Tourism Webinar recordings: Wednesday 18 January 2023

Opportunities for Transforming Coastal and Marine Tourism: Towards Sustainability, Regeneration and Resilience

Global webinar series convened by the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy and IUCN Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group (TAPAS Group)

This virtual webinar series featured a new body of work commissioned by the Ocean Panel on coastal and marine tourism, including a special report: Opportunities for Transforming Coastal and Marine Tourism: Towards Sustainability, Regeneration and Resilience’ on the economics of a shift to a sustainable model of coastal and marine tourism as part of recovery efforts from the global pandemic. The report provides a holistic assessment of the current state of coastal and marine tourism and draws on 32 case studies and examples from 23 countries to identify a set of priorities designed to help catalyse systemic change in destination-wide management through strategic investment and intervention by governments to support sustainable recovery from the global pandemic.

This webinar provided an opportunity to hear from experts across the tourism industry on innovation and best practice, with a view to understanding how different actors within the tourism sector are considering the future of coastal and marine tourism.

Links to each of the session recordings are provided below, and are also available together here.

Session 1:  Asia Pacific
Wednesday 18 January 2023,17:00-18:30 AEDT (06:00-07:30 GMT (UTC +0)) – Virtual
Recording here
128 participants from 35 countries

Ocean_Panel_IUCN TAPAS_AsiaPacific

Session 2:  America/Europe/Africa
Wednesday 18 January 2023: 14:00-15:30 GMT (UTC +0) – Virtual
Recording here
90 participants from 28 countries

Ocean Panel_IUCN TAPAS_N America-Europe_Africa


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