White Paper released on Climate Action through Regeneration

StoryLondon | New York (June 6th, 2022) Spenceley Tourism And Development Ltd (STAND) is proud to be an affiliate partner for a groundbreaking study which has been released in the form of a whitepaper  ‘Climate Action through Regeneration: Unlocking the Power of Communities and Nature through Tourism’. Published today by Regenerative Travel, a benefit corporation and a collection of independent hotels and lodges committed to regenerative hospitality, in partnership with The University of Edinburgh and Solimar International.

The White Paper evolved from academic work performed by The University of Edinburgh researcher Chloe King who surveyed travel businesses around the world to understand how tourism, in the face of climate change, can ground their work in both the ability of communities to thrive and the protection, management, and restoration of nature.

“When Chloe approached RT to engage our members in her academic work, we saw an opportunity to work collaboratively together with her and O’Shannon Burns, who has worked closely with our hotel members on best practice sharing, to create a framework and actionable recommendations for small businesses seeking to take climate action through regeneration. We are excited to use our global network of travellers and partners to amplify the impact of the research,” Amanda Ho, co-founder & CEO of Regenerative Travel.

Dr Anna Spenceley, the founder of STAND, said that the company’s support of the whitepaper launch aligns with its mission to support sustainable nature-based tourism, and address the climate emergency. STAND is a signatory to both the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism and Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency.

Using the IUCN Global Standards for Nature based Solutions to assess participating businesses, the findings reveal five core principles for businesses that seek to make a regenerative shift placing greater value on human wellbeing and nature through a holistic, place-based, community-led, and environment-centred approach.

A growing number of travel businesses are acknowledging the important role they can and must play if we as a sector are to effectively address the climate crisis.  But tourism has lagged behind other industries and we need to quickly build stakeholders’ capacity to evaluate impacts and solutions. The white paper seeks to shine a light on the important role nature can play and to identify which factors make Nature-based solutions to climate change successful, or not.” O’Shannon Burns, white paper co-author.

This new white paper outlines practical examples, available support, and clear action steps so that travel businesses can take action today to begin utilising the power of Nature-based Solutions to draw down emissions and help destinations adapt to climate change.

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Organisations Featured: Blue Apple Beach, Binna Burra Eco Lodge, Borana Conservancy, Chole Mjini Treehouse Lodge, Chumbe Island Coral Park, Finca Rosa Blanca, Grupo Rio Da Prata, Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort, Misool Eco Resort, Nikoi Private Island, Playa Viva, Regenerative Travel, Samara Private Game Reserve, Six Senses Laamu Atoll, Solimar International, The Brando, The Datai Langkawi, The Long Run, Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge, and University of Edinburgh

Affiliates: B-Tourism, Conservation Capital, George Washington University, Global Sustainability Index, Global Wellness Institute, Green Destinations, Miles Partnership, SUNx, Planeterra, Regeneration 2030, Salva, Spenceley Tourism And Development (STAND) Ltd, The Long Run, The University of Edinburgh and the Transformational Travel Council

About Regenerative Travel:  Regenerative Travel is a shared benefit corporation and membership offering providing marketing and hospitality services to a network of independently owned eco-luxury boutique hotels dedicated to the highest levels of social and environmental impact. Through sharing individual best practices and through collaboration, Regenerative Travel enables the Regenerative Travel Member hotel collection to work together to achieve significant economies of scale and to make a deeper impact.

About the Affiliate Partner, STAND Ltd: STAND Ltd is a boutique consultancy company Anna logo icon (CMYK)specialising in technical advice on sustainable tourism and conservation. STAND offers tailored tourism and conservation services to the tourism sector, development organisations, non-governmental organisations, corporates, governments and communities. STAND specialises in meeting the sustainable development needs of its clients. The objective of STAND is to achieve poverty alleviation by supporting income generating opportunities, developing constructive partnerships and promoting good conservation practices, while addressing the climate emergency. STAND operates under the direction of Dr Anna Spenceley, who is a leading authority in sustainable tourism. Anna is Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group (TAPAS Group), is on the Board of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and sits on the Independent Advisory Group of Travalyst.  She is also editor of the  “Handbook for sustainable tourism practitioners: The essential toolkit” from Edward Elgar.

Media Contact:

Kerry Skinner  kerry@regenerativetravel.com


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