Call for papers: 10th International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas – 16-19 August 2021

The MMV conference provides a forum for presentations and other exchanges of ideas and experiences related to the monitoring and management of visitors in recreation and protected areas. The emphasis is on policies, problems, practices and innovative solutions, and is of relevance to academics as well as professionals in the field. 

The 10th International Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas (MMV10) will be held August 16-19, 2021, as a full-digital conference event, hosted from Norway. The program will be a combination of plenary presentations from keynote speakers from around the globe, paper and poster sessions, virtual excursions and informal networking events.

Call for papers – Researchers and other professionals are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations related to the themes of MMV10 (resources, markets and innovations), including accepted session proposals (see list below).

An extended abstract of maximum 1000 words should be submitted to the conference organizer using the online abstract formula.

Deadline for presentation abstracts: 31 March 2021

Accepted session proposals:

  1. Managing flows and ‘over-tourism’ in (world) natural and cultural heritage sites
  2. Protected area tourism: benefits and community resilience in the age of over-tourism
  3. Covid-19: Impacts on nature-based recreation and tourism
  4. Buses and Blazes – Operational Excellence in Park Management. Visitor Use Management and Management in Time of Crisis
  5. Visitor Monitoring and Management in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves: Status Quo, Challenges and Perspectives
  6. Visitor Monitoring, Outdoor Recreation, and Education in Water-based Nature Settings
  7. Advancing the science of visitor monitoring and management related to natural sounds and night skies
  8. Mapping and documenting coastal-marine based recreation
  9. Combining social media and ubiquitous data with traditional recreation monitoring to address emerging questions in the Anthropocene
  10. Exploring the use of GPS tracking of tourism and recreation in natural parks
  11. New and emerging smart technologies for visitor monitoring – a critical review
  12. Future directions in recreation monitoring and research
  13. Managing sustainable experiences in nature-based tourism
  14. Recreation and tourism monitoring under increased pressure: practical tools and approaches for sustainable management
  15. Economics of Protected Areas (PA) Tourism
  16. Nature-based integration in multicultural societies
  17. Visitor strategy and local community development
  18. The Sharing Economy – Supply, demand and consequences
  19. Inclusive and accessible outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism?
  20. Using hybrid choice modeling to understand visitor, land manager, and general public preferences
  21. Nature as a Protagonist in Sports and Cultural Events
  22. Recreation, tourism and wildlife disturbance: a human perspective
  23. BioTour – From place-based resources to value-added experiences: Nature-based tourism in the future

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