Election results IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group (TAPAS Group)

We have finalised the results of our recent TAPAS Exco elections, and please find the results below:

Chair: 1 candidate

95.7% of respondents were happy for Dr Anna Spenceley to continue in her role as Chair

Economics: 2 candidates

1st place: Dr Thiago Beraldo Souza: 65.2% of vote
2nd place: Dr Mahmoud Sarhan: 34.7% of vote

Biodiversity: 4 candidates

1st place: Dr Yu-Fai Leung: 80% of vote
2nd place: Dr Pranab J Patar: 11% of vote
3rd/4th place: Masotja Kunene and Angel Nieva Garcia: both with 4.4% of vote

Number of TAPAS Group members voting: 47
% of membership (674 people): 7%

Anna Spenceley retains her position of chair, Yu-Fai Leung retains his previous position leading the biodiversity group, and Thiago Beraldo Souza moves from knowledge development to economics.

Sincere thanks to the efforts of Barbara Engels, the outgoing lead of the economics group. Her coordination over the past years and initiative to establish the ‘Visitor Counts!’ guideline with our members leaves an fantastic legacy.

Many thanks to all the candidates for putting their names forward, and also thanks to the TAPAS Group members that voted.

TAPAS Group website
TAPAS Group Facebook page
TAPAS Group LinkedIn group

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