Review draft: Visitation in protected areas in light of COVID-19: Guidance for protected area managers

IMG_20200706_122510267Recognising the importance of the contribution of tourism to protected area economies and conservation finance, this draft paper aims to give pragmatic guidance to protected area managers and authorities on operating tourism safely in light of COVID-19.  A series of hyperlinks to resources and to further information are provided.

The draft paper provides an overview of recommendations, but is not exhaustive, and each protected area will have different conditions and requirements to consider their approach.

The draft is being circulated for peer review, and welcomes input and comments to supplement the guidance provided, and additional links and resources.

To access the review draft, click here.  Kindly note that is a review draft, and is not yet designed, or for use or citation yet.

Please send comments to Dr Anna Spenceley at by Friday 14 August 2020.

For further information on the paper, please see this post.

Screenshot Niagra BBC

Niagara Falls tour boats show stark social distancing split – BBC


Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 10.50.35 AM


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