Future of Tourism: Guiding principles & signing up

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Spenceley Tourism And Development (STAND) is proud to be a signatory to the Future of Tourism‘s guiding principles.  I encourage others to commit to these too, particularly as we work to recover from COVID-19.


Guiding Principles

Whereas tourism done well can benefit destination communities, incentivize protection of nature and history, and enrich the traveling public,

Whereas irresponsible practices have eroded the value of the true tourism product, the destination,

Whereas poorly managed tourism, driven by short-term, unguided market forces, has disrupted communities and ecosystems, worn away cultural and historic sites, added to environmental stress, and degraded the travel experience itself,

Whereas this trend has been aggravated by undue policy emphasis on quantity of tourists over quality of experience and benefits to destination communities,

Whereas, widespread degradation has persisted despite earnest attempts to counteract the trend by many responsible parties,

Whereas recovery from the COVID-19 crisis has presented an opportunity to choose a more sustainable future,

We therefore urge worldwide commitment to these principles:






Source and links: Future of Tourism Guiding PrinciplesWho has signed –   Become a signatory


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