COVID-19 and tourism in Africa’s protected areas: Impacts and recovery needs – WTO article

Screenshot WTO paper title

  • COVID-19 has led to a steep decline in business for operators in protected areas, coupled with a substantial drop in future booking requests. The most important support tourism operators require is unemployment support for workers, financial support for recovery and cashflow, coupled with tax deductions or deferments.
  • Preliminary data suggests that there will be a 43% decline in expenditure on local products, services and donations this FY compared to last year, and if the crisis continues, three quarters of local employees will be affected with reduced wages/leave without pay/made redundant/unemployed (nearly 14,000 local employees for this sample).
  • Expenditure on environmental services (e.g. for security, anti-poaching, park or concession fees etc.) is predicted to decline by US$20.7 million in spending in the current FY for the sample. There are concerns that this will lead to an increase in illegal wildlife crime.

Read the full article on Trade For Development News by EIF here.

Also see the related EIF Trade for Development News webinar on tourism and COVID-19.

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