New guidelines in development by TAPAS Group: Visitor counting, visitor surveys and economic analysis

An expert workshop on ‘Best practice guidelines on economic evaluation of tourism in protected areas’ was sponsored by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) between 2 and 5 May 2017, at the International Nature Conservation Academy, Vilm, Germany. The workshop brought together 12 experts from 6 countries to discuss the development of a global standard for visitor and socio-economic monitoring in protected areas to improve global comparability of resulting data and the overall quality of monitoring efforts.

The new guideline will be developed by the expert volunteers, led by Barbara Engels (Coordinator of the Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group’s Economics Working Group) with the following contributions:

  • Introduction  – Barbara Engels and Anna Spenceley
  • General methodology & the big picture – Marius Müller
  • Monitoring vs case studies – Niklas Scheder
  • Visitor counting – Manuel Woltering and Jan-Philip Schägner
  • Visitor survey – Daniel Metzler and Catherine Cullinane Thomas
  • Economic analysis  – Thiago Beraldo Souza and Daniel Metzler
  • Reporting and communication  – Liisa Kajala and Joel Erkkonen
  • Outlook and associated research  – Anna Spenceley and Barbara Engels
  • Tools/references links

VilmFrom left to right: Liisa Kajala, Manuel Woltering, Marius Müller, Catherine Cullinane Thomas, Jan-Philip Schägner, Anna Spenceley, Niklas Scheder, Barbara Engels, Daniel Metzler, Joel Erkkonen and Thiago Beraldo Souza 





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