COP22 event – Sustainable tourism certification in Africa: Water and waste practices by hotels

On Tuesday 8 November 2016 at the 22nd Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP22) an event on “Certification of Green Tourism in Africa” was hosted by  the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) African Natural Resources Centre (ANRC).

The event will featured the results of a study on the current status of certification, water and waste management among hotels in Africa, in addition to case studies on Travelife,  Green Star Hotel, Wilderness Holdings, the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, and the Constance Ephelia hotel.  A distinguished panel and delegates attending reflected on recommendations of potential areas of intervention to support AfDB member countries.

  • Where it was: Africa Pavilion at COP22 (Salle 2), Marakesh, Morocco
  • When it took place: 2.30 pm – 4 pm, Tuesday 8 November 2016
  • More information on COP22:
  • Full session presentation (with introduction, presentation, panel and discussion questions): click here
  • Situational analysis presentation, including case studies: click here


Introduction: Dr Tarek Ahmed, ANRC, AfDB

Presentation:   Situational analysis – Sustainable tourism certification in Africa – Dr Anna Spenceley, AfDB consultant; Chair IUCN WCPA Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group – click here

Panel discussion: Moderator – Dr Tarek Ahmed, AfDB

  • Mr Jean Michel Ossete, African Water Facility /Ag. Coordinator, African Water Facility
  • Mr. Emad Hassan, Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa/Ministry of Tourism
  • Mr Oseloka Zikora, African Minister’s Council on Water (AMCOW)/Program Coordinator and Head of Communications
  • Mr Ahmed Abou Elseoud, CEO, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency
  • Dr Anna Spenceley, AfDB consultant

Plenary discussion




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