Review of tourism and biodiversity for the CBD conference

In preparation for the 12th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Korea in October, the CBD Secretariat will produce a background paper that reviews tourism and biodiversity issues and priorities.

The CBD has requested input from tourism professionals on a series of questions that follow below.

If you would like to participate, please send your responses by Monday 28 July 2014 to me ( and Richard Denman ( who is the consultant leading the process.


1) What trends (if any) have you observed in the relationship between biodiversity and tourism development in the last two years? (Increasing impacts, threats, opportunities, responses etc. …). Please refer us to any evidence if known.

2) In the last two years has your organisation been pursuing any particular initiatives, projects or programmes that relate directly or indirectly to the management of tourism and its impact on biodiversity? (e.g. governance, policies, planning, management, monitoring, capacity building … other)

3) Do you have any observations on tools and instruments for sustainable tourism management that are relevant to biodiversity … effective examples, recent or innovative approaches etc.?

4) Are there any key topics on tourism’s relationship to biodiversity (and specifically within the mandate and responsibility of CBD Parties, i.e. national governments) that you believe could most benefit from further assessment, exposure or action?

5) Are you aware of the CBD’s Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development? Have you used them, in your professional practice, or seen any direct reference to them in the last two years? (In parallel with this exercise we are revising CBD’s Manual on the Guidelines, see , and will keep you informed about this).

6) Finally, are there any destinations, businesses or initiatives that you feel provide particularly good examples of managing tourism development in the interests of biodiversity and ecosystem services?

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