Announcement: New publication on tourism and protected areas

Publication of the Special Issue of Koedoe, a journal of African Protected Area Conservation and Science, that addresses various aspects of the relationship between protected areas and tourism, has just been announced!


The issue coverage is world wide, with articles dealing with this relationship in Africa, North America,and Asia, with implications everywhere else. The issue was prepared to lay a foundation for discussions at the upcoming World Parks Congress in Australia during November. We believe the articles raise a number of questions about tourism as a solution, as a source of finance, and as a development strategy–questions both positive and negative. We invite you to take a look at the various articles in the issue and correspond if you wish to with the authors.


You can access the special issue at this location: Koedoe is an Open Access journal so there is no monetary cost associated with downloading the articles in it.


This is one of several products that TAPAS has produced or will by the time of the WPC, including a special issue of Parks concerning Tourism and the CBD Aichi Targets, the new edition of the Best Practice Guidelines, chapters in the upcoming E-Book on Protected Area Governance and Management, and sessions on a variety of topics at the WPC.

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