Nominations and election for Vice Chair of the TAPAS group

With an expanding membership coupled with growth of our portfolio of activities, we are looking for an enthusiastic and committed volunteer to act as Vice Chair of the TAPAS group. We welcome applications from TAPAS group members who are also members of the WPCA for this important new role in the group.


The responsibilities of the Vice Chair are to serve in the chair’s absence, and also to assist the Chair as requested in the performance of his or her duties. The Vice Chair will have the powers to perform duties incumbent upon the Chair during his or her absence i.e. to preside over meetings of the ExCo and the TAPAS group membership, provide direction on strategy and annual activities planning, report to the WCPA Chair and Steering Committee, link with the IUCN Secretariat, other IUCN Commissions, Specialist Groups and Task Forces, publicly represents the TAPAS group; and raise funds for the group’s activities.


Please note that this position, as all others within the ExCo is voluntary and unpaid.  The Vice Chair should expect so spend at least between 2-3 days each month in this role, including participation in monthly ExCo conference calls (usually on Skype or Google Hangout).  


If you are interested in applying for Vice Chair of the TAPAS Group, please send your application to me at between now and 30 August 2013. Please include:


1. A covering letter, indicating your experience, your work in tourism and protected areas, and indicating what you would contribute to the group in this role. (Please note that this letter will be posted online for TAPAS Group members to review during the election process.)

2. Your CV.


During September 2013 applications letters will be posted online for TAPAS Group members to review the candidates. An election will be held, using an online voting process, where each TAPAS Group member will have 1 vote.  The three candidates receiving the highest numbers of votes will be interviewed by members of the ExCo, who will decide on the most suitable candidate to become Vice Chair.  


For any questions regarding this process, or for more information about the role, please contact me. Our last annual report is enclosed for further information on our membership and activities.


Best wishes,




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